About hbinfo

hbinfo is the leading information site for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

We have thousands of registered members, a thriving message board and a huge and growing database of information. Over 350 local authorities are members as well as many registered housing associations, voluntary agencies, independent contractors, landlords, RSLs, staff from Government agencies, software houses, employment agencies, solicitors, the Rent Service, Local government Ombudsman and others interested in Housing and Council Tax Benefit administration; making a total of over 400 organisations with 14,500 registered users.

The site is updated on a daily basis and we are always looking to improve the quality of service with which we provide you. Here are just some of the facilities we offer as part of your membership:

  • A message board exchange which attracts hundreds of posts daily
  • Reduced fees for attendance at conferences
  • Weekly updates
  • Latest additions highlighted on the front page
  • A huge case-law section with improved search facilities
  • The latest Upper Tribunal /Commissioner decisions “hot off the press”
  • The most comprehensive range of guidance circulars on the web
  • A training services site offering subsidised training
  • A jobs section – free for subscribers to advertise their jobs, saving the subscription many times over
  • Caselaw update – issued monthly
  • Fast administrative support
  • An annual conference in September – small fee payable

To subscribe online now click here. If you would like more information about hbinfo or a free 5 day trial, (LAs only) please contact Ghita Thomas ghita@hbinfo.org