Caselaw - Reported decisions - Commissioner

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R(H)7/09 20/05/2009 Pill, Smith, Wall (LJJ) Persons from abroad, Right to reside
R(H)9/09 21/04/2009 Mesher, J Bankruptcy, Overpayments
R(H)8/09 17/04/2009 Williams, D Occupying the home, Students
R(H)6/09 04/12/2008 Mesher, J Income
R(H)5/09 01/12/2008 Jacobs, E Liability, Occupying the home
R(H)3/09 19/11/2008 Jacobs, E Overpayments
R(H)2/09 25/09/2008 Wikeley, NJ Income
R(H)4/09 28/07/2008 Turnbull, C Eligible payments, Exempt accommodation, Liability
R(H)1/09 13/06/2008 Humphrey, AL Decisions, Information and evidence
R(H)10/08 27/03/2008 Whybrow, C Information and evidence, Overpayments
R(CS)9/08 20/03/2008 Mesher, J Income
R(H)9/08 20/03/2008 Levenson, H Eligible payments
R(H)8/08 13/03/2008 Mark, M Income
R(H)7/08 30/11/2007 Jacobs, E Capital
R(H)6/08 17/10/2007 Turnbull, C Eligible payments, Exempt accommodation, Liability
R(H)9/07 26/09/2007 Williams, D Claims, Effective Dates
R(H)5/08 17/09/2007 Turnbull, C Income
R(H)4/08 05/09/2007 Jacobs, E Appeals, Decisions, Tribunal
R(H)3/08 26/07/2007 Howell, PL Occupying the home
R(H)8/07 07/06/2007 Turnbull, C
R(H)2/08 03/04/2007 Jacobs, E Payments
R(H)1/08 03/04/2007 Jacobs, E Appeals, Decisions, Payments
R(H)7/07 07/03/2007 Turnbull, C Eligible payments, Exempt accommodation, Liability
R(H)10/07 02/03/2007 Jupp, EA Overpayments
R(H)6/07 22/01/2007 Jacobs, E Liability
R(H)5/07 09/01/2007 Turnbull, C Income
R(H)3/07 10/11/2006 Paines, N Eligible payments, Liability
R(H)4/07 11/10/2006 May, DJ Occupying the home
R(H)1/07 27/07/2006 Jacobs, E Tribunal
R(H)7/06 29/06/2006 Waller, Moore-Bick, Richards (LJJ) Claims, Household, NINOs
R(H)2/07 19/06/2006 Turnbull, C Eligible payments, Exempt accommodation, Liability
R(H)6/06 12/05/2006 Tribunal of Commissioners (Rowland, Bano, Jupp) Overpayments
R(H)5/06 06/03/2006 Turnbull, C Human Rights, Liability
R(H)4/06 13/02/2006 Ward, Latham, Hooper (LJJ) Occupying the home
R(H)3/06 01/02/2006 Jacobs, E Eligible payments
R(H)2/06 14/12/2005 Bano, EAL Claims, Information and evidence
R(H)1/06 03/03/2005 Howell, PL Capital
R(H)10/05 22/02/2005 Turnbull, C Liability
R(H)9/05 22/12/2004 Mark, M Effective Dates, Occupying the home
R(H)8/05 08/12/2004 Brooke, Clarke, Neuberger (LJJ) Appeals, Decisions, Overpayments
R(H)7/05 12/11/2004 Wall, Cage, Holman (LJJ) Eligible payments, Liability
R(H)6/05 15/10/2004 Kennedy, Sedley, Neuberger Human Rights
R(H)2/05 23/07/2004 Bano, EAL Eligible payments
R(H)3/05 23/07/2004 Hinckinbottom, Rowland, Pacey Appeals, Decisions, Information and evidence, Tribunal
R(H)5/05 21/07/2004 Mesher, J Capital, Income, Liability
R(H)4/05 20/07/2004 Fellner, C Occupying the home
R(H)1/05 29/06/2004 Howell, PL Overpayments
R(H)9/04 25/06/2004 Paines, N Eligible payments, Information and evidence, Liability
R(H)8/04 07/04/2004 Gibson, Jacobs (LJJ), Sir William Aldous Human Rights, Liability
R(H)7/04 23/02/2004 May, DJ Appeals, Decisions, Overpayments
R(H)5/04 19/02/2004 Gibson, Chadwick, Keen (LJJ) Overpayments
R(H)4/04 11/02/2004 Ward, Dyson (LJJ), Sir Christopher Staunton Effective Dates, Eligible payments
R(H)6/04 29/01/2004 Mesher, J Decisions, Household, Liability
R(H)1/03 12/07/2003 Jacobs, E Commerciality, Liability, Tribunal
R(H)2/04 01/05/2003 Howell, PL Overpayments
R(H)1/04 22/04/2003 Turnbull, C Overpayments
R(H)3/04 26/03/2003 Howell, Levenson, Fellner Appeals, Overpayments
R(H)2/03 26/03/2003 Brooke, Hale, Arden (LJJ) Decisions, Overpayments, Tribunal
R(H)3/03 05/09/2002 Jacobs, E Liability, Tribunal
R(H)1/02 08/05/2002 Turnbull, C Overpayments
R1/91 IS (NI) 31/01/1989 Chambers, RR Household, Occupying the home