G Bulletin - 2004

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G8/2004 VF: The secret behind the risk score, The Pension Service Partnership Fund
G9/2004 Jobcentre Plus Protection Programme arrangements Debt Arrangements Scheme (Scotland) Gender recognition Savings credit only cases - Uprating April 2005 Enhancements scheduled into future ISCS releases LA Omnibus Survey Wave 11 Quarterly reporting of LA fraud and error data Replacing RATs with new IT link SAFE/VF enquiries Revised Appeals Service forms Regulation 5(5A) Housing Benefit (General) Regulations: period of notice ETD reports
G5/2004 Quarterly reporting of Local Authority fraud and error data, Verification Framework (VF) - Volume of reviews and compliance, SAFE rewards, Performance Standards Fund Panel meeting, Commissioner's Decision CH/2111/2003 (temporary absence and CTB), Opportunity to work with the Housing Benefit Review Team
G6/2004 Housing Benefit and Fraud workshops, Verification Framework compliance and targets, Students - treatment of loan income, Quarterly reporting of LA fraud and error data, HBMS scans - a reminder, Fraud and error in HB, April 2002 - September 2003, Claiming SAFE payments
G7/2004 2004/05 Housing/Council Tax Benefit Subsidy Guidance Manual, Secondment opportunities, How to get backdated HB/CTB Circulars, Pension Credit Campaigning - The Current Phase, Royal Mail Do No ReDirect
G3/2004 Treatment of cash payments in lieu of concessionary coal in HB/CTB claims from pensioners, Secondment Opportunity in Housing Benefit Security Division, Changes to HBMS High Risk Reviews from April 2004, Tax Credits
G4/2004 Closure of the Pension Credit/LA Liaison Team, MIS clarification circular, Student accommodation, Contact list
G1/2004 New communications strategy, The Pension Service verification/future DWP verification processes, Local Housing Allowance, Distribution lists
G2/2004 Clarification of HB/CTB Bulletins U1/2004 and U2/2004