G Bulletin - 2007

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G8/2007 CH 48/2006 Commissioner's decision non-dependant deductions | Extended Payments - start dates | Changes of Circumstances Performance Measure | Service Level Agreement for Benefit Administration between Jobcentre Plus and LAs | HBSD/IAD Data Scan update | Stats 124A and Stats 128 returns | New claims processing: Dealing with defective claims or claims that need additional evidence or information | Submission of annual self-assessments against the HB/CTB Performance Standards for 2006/07 - Data for PM10 and PM16 | Contact details for subject areas within HB/CTB | Appendix A Supplementary
G6/2007 Stats 121/122 - Switch off Update | Magistrate Court – £35K pilot | Marketing the National Products | Local Housing Allowance – Regional Seminars | Claims to HB and CTB from Iraqi nationals granted Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain: Court of Appeal and High Court judgments | List of National Products and contact details - Appendix A | Example of Status Discontinuation Letter  - Appendix B: Annex A | Example 1 of IJC Grant letter - Appendix B: Annex B | Example 2 to IJC Grant letter - Appendix B: Annex C
G7/2007 National Insurance Numbers and Housing Benefit Customers | National Fraud Initiative 2006/07
G3/2007 Addendum to MOU and continued access to CIS | Workshops on PINS and the new PM10 | Former Gurkhas – access to income-related benefits | Performance Standards Funding to improve overpayment recovery | Evidence and verification requirements for Non State Pension | Changes to the 2007/08 HBSD/IAD Scan Guidance and Specification | Changes to the 2007/08 HB/CTB MIS Guide | Next Steps for HB/CTB Data Collection | 2005 HB/CTB Performance Standards – Amendment 4 | Closure of SAFE-VF email address | Commissioners’ cases | Council Tax Benefit flyers and posters | Digital Switchover
G4/2007 Liaison arrangements on benefit issues between Jobcentre Plus and local authorities: Further supporting guidance  | HB/CTB Benefit Claims Project: Guidance on the 3-page claim forms  | HBSD/IAD scan: 2008-09 developments  | Jobcentre Plus service improvements  | New statistical summary  | New procedures for obtaining occupational pension scheme provider information from DWP Pension Service  | Liaison arrangements - jobcentre plus and local authorities Appendix 1 | Scheme provider request form Appendix 2
G5/2007 HB/CTB Guidance Manual Amendment 11 | Security of HBSD/IAD Scan data | Commissioners' cases | Fraud Referral and Intervention Management System | HB/CTB Circular A3/2007 - Correction | 2005 HB/CTB Performance Standards Guide - Amendment 4 (web based version) | Partnership Agreement between Jobcentre Plus Fraud Investigation Service and LAs | Risk scored reviews list from Housing Benefit Matching Service (HBMS) | Plea from HMRC | Classification of overpayments caused by a 'delay in processing' | Overpayment recovery when bankruptcy has been discharged | Fraud Partnership Agreemen
G2/2007 Getting access to Tax Credit information | Pension Credit – verification of capital | PM10 – frequently asked questions | Liaison arrangements on benefit issues between Jobcentre Plus and LAs: Supporting guidance | National Fraud Initiative 2006/07 | Current HB/CTB Circulars | Local Housing Allowance – communications products | ISCS Uprating error – information on CIS
G20/2007 Local Housing Allowance | Future of Good Practice from April 2008 | 2006/07 DHP allocation and spend information to be released | Data collection changes for Wib4b: cautions and administrative penalties | State Pensions Equalisation | Temporary suspension of publication of HB and CTB performance data | Performance Standards self-assessments for 2006/07 | Targeting Benefit Thieves campaign - Local Newsletter
G21/2007 Access to tax credits data | Housing costs Roadshows
G18/2007 Prosecution pilot: Increasing the committal ‘threshold’ figure from £20K to £35K | Commissioners’ cases | National Insurance Credits: incorrect awards of some contributory benefits and irregularities within the NHS Injury Benefits Scheme | Form IB30CC(IB/SDA) - Annex A | Letter SP1 10/07 - Annex B
G19/2007 Take up of CTB: Scan identifying Pension Credit customers whose records show no evidence of a live CTB (or HB) claim | Local Authority claim processing address - Reminder | Correction to the Performance Planning Tool | Queries regarding issues covered in Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit Guidance Manual, Part C, Chapters 6, 7 and 8 | The Social Security (Local Authority Investigations and Prosecutions) Regulations 2008
G16/2007 The single HB Extract - the new name for the merged HBSD/IAD and HBMS Scans | HB/CTB Performance Standards - Performance Measure 10 (PM10) | Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Statistical Returns | Change in postal procedures for Two Strikes sanctions and prosecutions | Contact details for subject areas within HB/CTB
G17/2007 The Pre-Budget Report | New contact details for DWP Prosecution Division | Changes to the way we issue copies of statutory instruments | Achieving good reporting of changes in circumstances - summary and final reports
G12/2007 The Pension Service Data Cleanse Exercise | Magistrate Court - £35K pilot | Forms LA1 and LA
G14/2007 DWP/HMRC/LA Joint Working Initiative | Housing Benefit Information Flows Programme | Local Authority Omnibus Survey, final report for wave-14
G10/2007 HBSD/IAD Scan proposals for April 2008 now available for consultation | HBSD/IAD Data Scan: reasons for direct payments | Homes affected by floods | Stats 124 derivation rules have now been released | Discretionary local schemes for War Pensions | Commissioners’ cases | Targeting benefit thieves campaign – new campaign materials available | Maintenance of the LA Authorised Officers Database | Appendix 1 – LA AO appointment letter
G11/2007 Verification of Child Benefit | Electronic claims to HB and CTB | Updates on the HB fraud and error/PM10 website | Progress against reductions in benefit target (PM10) | Abolition of the Refugee Backpayment and the introduction of the Integration Loans for Refugees and Others | Change of address for pension centres | Use of the Police National Computer in the caution process | National Insurance Credits: incorrect awards of some contributory benefits
G1/2007 Changes to the 2007-08 HBSD/IAD Scan Guidance and Specification | Local authority claim processing address | Amendment to HB/CTB Circular A19/2006 | HB/CTB Guidance Manual Amendment 10 | New Jobcentre Plus processes (Standard Operating Model version2)