G Bulletin - 2008

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Title Body Document
G8/2008 Reminder about security | New Regulations: Reform of Extended Payments and Disregard of child maintenance | Change of name | Statutory Instruments
G9/2008 Security Performance Measure PM10 2007/08 (unitary Councils in England subject to CPA) | Right Benefit Indicator | Statutory Instruments | Changes to the Risk Scored Review Lists issued by the Housing Benefit Matching Service (HBMS)
G5/2008 Statutory Instruments | Social Security Fraud Act (SSFA) 2001 Authorised Officers | Disclosure of personal information – witnesses | HBMS – on the move | Form PF6b Appendix A
G6/2008 HB Error Awareness e-learning | Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Appeals - Change of Processing Centre in the Midlands Area | Security Performance Measures 2007/08 | Statutory Instruments
G7/2008 Amendment to HB/CTB Circular A16/2007: War Pension Rates 2008 Appendix D Annex 1 |   Partnership Agreement for Benefit Administration, Security and Fraud between Jobcentre Plus and LAs | Statutory Instruments
G3/2008 Commissioner's cases | Employment and Support Allowance: the impact on Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit | Change of policy for LA notifications supporting Two Strikes legislation | Social Security Fraud Act 2001 Authorised Officers | Security Performance Measures 2007/08
G4/2008 Statutory Instruments | Relocation of Local Authority Support Team
G22/2008 Alignment of capital verification for HB and CTB claims at £6,000 | NI 14 Reducing Avoidable Contact: the proportion of customer contact that is avoidable from the customers perspective - Applies in England | National Identity Scheme - ID Cards for foreign nationals | Consultation on amendments to the Rent Officers (Housing Benefit Functions) Order 1997 and the Rent Officers (Housing Benefit Functions) (Scotland) Order 1997
G23/2008 Right time indicator – additional guidance on a change event notified by telephone | Correction to U2/2008 - Announcements in the Pre Budget Report | Local Authority PinS foundation learning | New appeals system – additional information | Statutory Instruments | Appendix 1 | Appendix 2 | Appendix 3
G24/2008 Administrative delay overpayments and fraud definition | Changes to the National Insurance Number (NINO) benefit process | HB/CTB Circular F5/2008 - Capital Data Matches | HB awards and payments on account | Closure of the Pensioner HB/CTB Claims project | Statutory Instruments
G2/2008 Council Tax Benefit awareness campaign | Civil proceedings in matters proceeding through confiscation hearings | Statutory Instruments | DWP Shared Services Debt Management
G20/2008 Changes to the TAS1 Procedures - further advice (together with Appendix A) | Statutory Instruments | Change to method of claiming HB/CTB for people applying for Pension Credit over the telephone | Local Housing Allowance rates for larger properties | Appendix A: Covering letter to accompany an appeal submission bundle sent to the appellant or the appellant’s appointee
G21/2008 Single HB Extract (SHBE) and Housing Benefit Recoveries and Fraud (HBRF) Return | The e-Transfer Project - Pilot exercise for the electronic transfer of the Local Authority Input Document (LAID) | Customer Management System (CMS) Release 9 | New address for the Housing Divisions within DWP | Government Connect, the GCSx Code of Connection - LAAs and POG Questions and Answers
G18/2008 Simpler HB/CTB for older people from October 2008
G19/2008 Changes for lone parents from November 2008 | Changes to the TAS1 procedures | Employment and Support Allowance - Electronic Transfer of Data (ETD) | National Identity Scheme - ID Cards for Foreign Nationals | 'In and Out of Work Processes' – Ministerial Announcement on National Implementation | Single HB Extract | Statutory Instruments
G15/2008 New unitary authorities | Statutory Instruments
G16/2008 New Unitary Authorities | Performance and Good Practice Guide update | Using Customer Information System (CIS) to set the Y/N indicator | Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – your questions answered | LA CIS Guide abolition of the 1% Management Test Check | Centralisation of FIS Decision Making Process | Principal reasons for collection of Single HB Extract data | Important information for all LA Overpayment Recovery Teams | Value for Money exercise | Pension Credit
G17/2008 Annual Pension Credit take up campaign and changes to the backdating rules
G13/2008 HBMS national scans | Rent form guidance | Single HB Extract – collection begins | Statutory Instruments
G14/2008 Employment and Support Allowance: Frequently Asked Questions | Statutory Instruments
G10/2008 In and Out of Work pilots – update and request for Pathfinder sites | Statutory Instruments | Local Housing Allowance and withdrawal of benefit claims | Annex A | Annex B
G11/2008 Access to Tax Credit Data | Local Authority Omnibus Survey, Summary report for wave-16 | Customer Management System (CMS) Release  | Summary and Final reports for, ‘Reporting Changes in Circumstances: Tackling Error in the Benefits System’ | Reminder for the attention of appeals officers | Updated contacts list | Statutory Instruments | DVLA Photocard Driving licence update - 10 Yearly Photo Renewal
G12/2008 Delayed reviews of Pension Credit | Issuing of cautions | Statutory Instruments | Recording of sanction & prosecution outcomes | Annex A
G1/2008 Locality review in London | The Pension Service liaison