G Bulletin - 2012

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Title Body Document
G12/2012 Local Housing Allowance Rates An Important Update on Personal Independence Payments Discretionary Housing Payments Benefit Cap Update
G11/2012 Pension Credit Plus Universal Credit Stakeholder Presentation Benefit Cap Update Statutory Instruments What’s new on the web
G10/2012 Personal Independence Payment An update on Temporary Accommodation reforms Use of GCSX/GSX E-mail Addresses HB/CTB cases awaiting decision by the upper tribunal Publication of Local Housing Allowance Rates for 2013/14 Statutory Instruments What’s new on the web Temporary Accommodation Questions and Answers separate Annex A
G9/2012 Benefit cap – September/October direct mail and local authority scans Housing Benefit Certification arrangements HBRF National Statistics: Collectionand publication of data Announcements, highlighting additional support for claimants HB Direct Special about Universal Credit What’s new on the web
G8/2012 Memorandum of Understanding between the Department for Work and Pensions and Local Authorities Civil Penalties Benefit Cap Update
G7/2012 Civil penalties Changes to the Jobseeker’s Allowance regulations Direct Payment Demonstration Projects begin Statutory Instruments, What’s new on the web, HB/CTB circulars issued recently.
G6/2012 Benefit Cap HB/CTB cases awaiting decision by the Upper tribunal Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit Strategy enquiries Olympic Games Statutory Instruments What’s new on the web
G5/2012 Benefit Cap Update Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit enquiries Statutory Instruments What’s new on the web
G4/2012 Lone Parent ObligationCustomer Information System in relation to Carer’s Allowance
G2/2012 Local Housing Allowance – ‘freezing’ rates from April 2012 Right Benefit Information – Action to provide data to local authorities Changes to Tax Credits from 6 April 2012 Social Fund Reform and LAs
G3/2012 The Benefit cap Recovery of Housing Benefit Overpayments from Universal Credi Impact of the Universal Credit Programme visits to local authorities The Social Security (Recovery) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012 No.645) Tax Credits: One off Payments Care Homes - Protected Housing Benefit Cases Update on transitional funding
G1/2012 Direct payment of housing costs support Sheltered Accommodation –we need your help