Reply To: UC- Minimum Income Floor

Peter Barker

I would just add to this that in any month when the claimant has at least 1p of UC entitlement after income deductions (but ignoring third party payments, advance clawbacks etc), you can award a DHP of any amount up to the amount of the housing element used to calculate UC. A DHP is not limited to the shortfall between the housing element and the full rent. A housing element shortfall is one reason why you might consider a DHP, and the funding is allocated in the expectation that you will use some of it that way, but you have discretion to help out in any case where you consider the circumstances warrant it. The only legal constraints are that there must be an award of at least 1p and you cannot pay an amount that exceeds the housing element. In the original post, the maximum DHP would be £700.02 a month.