Reply To: Council Tax Disregard For School Leaver Under 20


child beenefit terminal date is the Sunday AFTER 31 August, so this year, they become a non dep on Monday 5 September and any HB non dep charge kicks in from Monday 12th
However, the school leaver is “invisible” for council tax purposes from the day they turn into a non dep – Monday 5 September until 31 October (the school leavers disregard is applied for this period)
So from 12 September the customer loses the allowances for the dep from their appliocable amount for both HB and CTS and a HB non dep charge would apply.

No change to Ctax liability during this period regardless of household – if previously 1 adult resident, that is still the case – the school leaver aged 18+ in disregarded for ctax purposes until 31 October.

On 1 November, the ctax liability changes because now there are 2 “visible” adults in the property. The non dep charge may apply from 1 Nov, or from Monday after, if dependds what your scheme says.

The HB non dep charge is applied from Any CTS non dep charge – the CTS non dep charrge ( if any) kicks in the Monday after that ( this year Monday 7th November)

Ctax discounts and exemptions are applied daily regardless of the day of the week, non dep charges pply weekly, and generally follow the change in circs rules, that the change is effective the Monday following the change