Reply To: ESA(IR) or ESA(Cont)


Without reading the searchlight i am going to be a voice of decent and as always I maybe wrong as been a while since i have had daily reading of esefs.

Yes DWP do check both entitlements when working out an assessment however the way i remember the results working were that if both values were the same then it was conts,i.e. jsa as a single person who had been working would invariably show as 74.40 for both amounts so would be conts.

if the conts value was higher than the IR value then its ESA(CONTS), this is because there are different assessment rules regarding conts and income related in esa when it comes to certain incomes, think one is pension.

and if IR was higher than conts was IR.

The only difference from my memory is PCGC which means if a person is getting 1p of this means they are passported.

If you are unsure i would suggest 100% either emailing the processing site via the form we use, or use the apollo number to double check with the DWP them selfs. but pretty sure I may be right.