Reply To: Support provider is the agent for a private landlord


Sounds to me that they’ve sent you their lease for the property rather than the claimants tenancy agreement which establishes their liability to make payments in respect of the dwelling. You may wish to check that the lease permits subletting, so that the CIC can actually issue a valid tenancy to the claimant.

Thanks, I did wonder if that was the case but no. This is definitely the tenancy agreement they are dishing out and we now have 3 tenants, although the other 2 have had their rent written to match the rent schedule. Also for council tax purposes the owner of all 3 properties has called us himself to confirm “he has taken on new tenants and he uses an agency who help vulnerable people”. Previously he was letting via regular lettings agents and I believe he thinks that this CIC acts in just the same way. I still need to know whether an agent can be deemed to be a landlord in this case.