Reply To: Overpayment recoverable from Partner?

Mike Hughes

Nothing for a tribunal in this sort of case.

However, coercive control cases are slow moving and require a degree of forensic analysis which is not straight forward. I find it entirely credible that in such a case the claimant could indeed have rung on multiple occasions under duress despite not having access to the account itself. It is depressing how such things are treated as somehow outlandish or outrageous when they are often seen within a social services context. Yes, there is a need for some evidence but equally the claimant also needs to be referred for quality independent advice. If this were a coercive control case it is not a given that they would commence any legal action without significant support but equally not a given that the circumstances are unheard of just because they have not yet done anything.

CC cases make news headlines so I would think there is a need to tread carefully here and consider adult safeguarding referrals and so on rather than just stand back and think that’s someone else’s job.