Reply To: Going back onto a legacy benefit (HB)


Many thanks for your responses. I was viewing the UC transitional provisions 2014 on Friday, specifically the following provision (not sure if this is prior to the amendments conducted in Summer?):

Appeals etc relating to certain existing benefits
13.—(1) This regulation applies where, after an award of universal credit has been made to a claimant—

(a)an appeal against a decision relating to the entitlement of the claimant to income support, housing benefit or a tax credit (a “relevant benefit”) is finally determined;

(3) Where the claimant is not a new claimant partner and, as a result of determination of the appeal or, as the case may be, revision, supersession, variation or cancellation of the decision, the claimant would (were it not for the effect of these Regulations) be entitled to a relevant benefit on the date on which the claim for universal credit was made, awards of relevant benefits are to terminate in accordance with regulation 8 [F3or 46].

As this regulation refers to an “award” of UC and these claimants have not been “awarded” UC would this not have any bearing? Bit of a long shot I know.