Reply To: Claimant dies and partner claims


she in a linked person though – she was a member f the household of the person that was on benefit.
She wasnt on HB herself – because she wasnt the claimant and HB doesnt have joint claims,.
But the linked person rule states the rent is limited to the rent the maximum rent used on the deceased persons claim. otherwise is creates an inequality

Using the example above, if she had died rather than the claimant, the claimant would have continued to receive £650.00 ( because theres no new claim, its a change in circs)

so it cant be correct for the one meber of a couple to die, and the surviving partner make a new claim and get a higher eligible rent rent than they did when living in the same property with their partner

the rule protects the eligible rent (if there was one) – the full rent is onlyh used if HB wasnt in payment previously and a new claim has been made because of the bereavement.