Reply To: Claimant dies and partner claims

Colin Adams

A slightly different scenario has come my way; the claimant has not passed away but went into to permanent residential care in 2019 so it is my understanding that his claim should have come to an end then and his partner should have submitted a new claim in her name.

Unfortunately, this has only recently come to light. The original claim will need to end in 2019 but where do we stand regarding the partner’s claim? Is there any way we can put her claim in pay from 2019 and use any entitlement she has to offset / reduce the HBOP that will be calculated by cancelling the husband’s claim?

In a way this is a bit like underlying entitlement but it is using two different claim numbers; I also realise that backdating is only allowed for three months for a pension age claimant but is there anything in such a scenario that allows us to go back.