Reply To: State pension age set to rise to 68 in Treasury’s ‘big bazooka’ cash grab


I agree with Nick that the population is getting more interested in where their money is going. Buying PPE was fair enough at the time but it was of no use. If you bought a new TV and it did not work and was missing half of the electronics you would not pay. So why is this useless PPE being burnt at vast cost while the sellers and middle people are making an obscene fortune. Meanwhile World gas prices have collapsed in the last few months but bills are still going up and up.

This is not political. Public services are collapsing and ordinary citizens want to know why. 80 year olds should not be passing away from the cold in social housing. Why are social housing charges rising at a level higher than the private sector? “a housing association with £122.1 million operating surplus is charging tenants & residents £20 a shot for the right to see what they’re paying for in their inflated and inaccurate service charges” shouts a social resident support group. Why indeed!