Reply To: State pension age set to rise to 68 in Treasury’s ‘big bazooka’ cash grab


Rob…I am 66 this year and Ghita is a little older (I wont say how much). My wife’s family are all builders and roofers and a good few years younger than me. Yet we keep going to funerals. All that muck and fumes and aggregates breathed in. I have also been to a couple of HB funerals for people born within just a few months of me.

Mainly luck and genes. I consider myself very lucky indeed to have spent 39 years and 8 months in HB.

Mind you, I could have been in films. I was a young Parliamentarian pikeman extra in the film Cromwell with Alec Guinness, Richard Harris and Timothy Dalton and many other stars. Hollywood must have lost my number I reckon!