Reply To: Sean Moses CIC (Exempt Accom)


Thanks both
It is funny because they state:
We provide Enhanced Housing Management Support Services, with regards to each tenant’s disability and condition.
Our services are provided at a substantially more than minimal level, which enables our tenants to maintain
their Licences and facilitate repairs and maintenance.
Some of the enhanced housing management items we provide are:
24 hours emergency support.
Liaising with Social Services, Appointees, and family members.
Assist with welfare benefit matters.
Management of utility accounts.
Regular Property Inspections.
Regular liaison with Care Providers on housing and tenant issues.

But they then go on to say that the tenant is is in receipt of separate care and personal support from a third-party care provider and is not part of what the Association offers, by way of support.
They receive referrals from Care Providers and Local and District Councils.
Upon further enquires they then said
Only personal care is provided by a GQC registered provided and this was commissioned by the county council.
The tenant does appear to required 24 hour support
It does not however appear to come from this company and therefore assume this is why they are quoting the highlighted case.
Cleverly worded ‘and facilitate repairs and maintenance’