Reply To: MAC claimed UC now wants HB – is this allowed?


This is not impossible in practice though. It should not happen as you rightly say…UC means no pension credit. But a number of hbinfo members have reported that PC has continued and has been taken into account as income in full.

As Peter B has commented often, this is just wrong. UC just do not understand the mixed age regs. In some instances they have clearly made wrong decisions deliberately. Where for instance there is only a few months between the working age person of the couple getting to pension age. They often seem to put them on another DWP benefit even though . This means DWP do not then have to go through all the hassle of inviting the claimant to interviews, allocating them a work coach and so on. I can fully understand this on a pragmatic basis….spending a lot of resources on people who are (say) 65 and a half and are working age when they are sick and not interested in looking for work seems pointless to me too.

But it does not help with HB issues and transitional protection!