Reply To: MYSPACE and the regulator


The latest accounts are available on the Charities Commission, there is £618,603 shown as ‘other income’ but I couldn’t see any reference to the funding provision of CSS (outlined on previous accounts). It is a lengthy document, I’m unable to add the link.
We have received an email this week outlining no SSH, as My Space are active in our LA.

We did historically attend a Tribunal over CSS charges with My Space but lost, due to a new set of accounts being produced at the hearing. The accounts also had circa £998,666 donations that was used specifically for furniture provision, but we were informed that none of the furniture donation funding were used for any properties in our area. We do remove furniture charges after 104 weeks. We had tried to argue the same as you are proposing Terminator, that we believed the CSS costs were part of the unreasonably high IHM cost.