Reply To: Late notified beneficial changes


a change in circs is a precise thing – it has (for HB purposes) a specific date you can pinpoint the change happening

Someone who has a zero hours contract and whose wages vary every week does NOT have a change in rtheior circs every time their wages are different!

Earnings are based on a best guess of an average of 5 week/2 months (usually) to estimate future earningsa – so unless you can say what has changed, and the date it happened, you cant go back and revise an earlier decision

new earnings details liik a bit different? ghreat – start a newe average! (from date received )
VEP shows earnings went from £1000 every 4 weeks to £397.40 every 4 week s- well that looks like the customer is on SSP – that IS achange in circs, you need to know the date they firast went off sick so you can re-assess accordingly.

LAte notified BENEFICIAL changes are just that – they only apply iof a change increases HB entitkement but we were advised about that change within 1 month ( or as long as the LA considers reasonable)