Reply To: 2023/24 rent increases


I think my original question has been answered, which was can they apply the increase from Jan 2023? – the answer is no!

However, I thought that supported housing providers were exempt from the 7% cap and could charge 11.1% from April. In the policy costings document for the Autumn Statement 2022 it states that ‘this policy applies to social housing provided by RPs but supported housing provided by RPs are excepted from this and are therefore allowed to charge CPI + 1%’ or words to that effect. The rent standard mentions specialist supported housing but this policy document does not therefore I took this to mean supported housing in general.

So in the example above, MySpace are no longer Specialised Supported Housing but they still could provide Supported Exempt Accommodation and therefore be classed as supported housing and be exempt from the 7% cap. Is this correct?