Reply To: Unusual CTR Schemes


You are probably thinking of us. Our CTR scheme disregards all UC income.

The only income we take into account is earned income, which we can derive from the UC award notification and process automatically. Depending on what band their earned income fall in determines their monthly contribution towards their Council Tax.

The logic behind the scheme is if a UC claimant has children, a disability, a rent liability, child care costs etc, they get additional UC to reflect that. We just disregard the claimant’s circumstances and their UC award on the basis that they effectively off-set each other.

The schemes works really well, mainly because we can automate UC processing. At the last count the same scheme has been adopted by Cambridge, Hertsmere, Ipswich, Barnet and probably some others. Can’t really think of any drawbacks. You could argue it is more generous to working age claimants who have high levels of non-earned income (like private pensions) but that is such a small cohort I don’t think it is that relevant. The only time we encounter problems is when the DWP don’t manage the UC claim properly (so, we stop getting notifications or they don’t terminate a nil award after 2 months…)