Reply To: Going back onto a legacy benefit (HB)


This is an interesting and timely thread. We’re dealing with at least 17 appeals in a single supported accommodation block against our decisions (in August 22) that they are no longer eligible to HB as the level of support provided is insufficient. Most have been on HB for several years in the same place. They were advised, and helped to, claim UC which they have all now done in order to preserve their tenancies.

So, my question is – if they win their HB appeals and they should be entitled to HB can we reinstate HB and what happens to the UC claim? The substance of our case will turn on the nature and level of support provided – but should I now also now include something about legacy benefits, appeals and whether they can’t return to HB (if that is the case). If they can’t return to HB by law then everyone’s time is wasted.

Would welcome any helpful comments. Thanks