Reply To: Late notified beneficial changes

nick dearnley

Exactly as Prisca has described – I used to have to deal with very many revision requests on tiny overpayments caused by claimants sending every payslip (sometimes weekly!) and then being upset that we’d reduced the award from the beginning of the pay period. No need.

Date of payslip may be useful but in most cases it’s not the date of any change, if there has been one. We now use a decision of either date of payslip (not the date the pay period started), date of processing the VEP/WURTI (explained in the thread I linked), or some other date based on asking further questions (when did your hourly rate go up?) – but never paid to date. Obviously if we have evidence of a late notified beneficial change we use the date of notification.

It’s difficult because of time pressures, but assessors IMHO need to be encouraged to ask further questions rather than just react to the VEP/WURTI in a ‘something must be done’ way, and to understand that not every payslip needs a new assessment. Part of that is also encouraging customer service staff to ask ‘why are you bringing this to us?’ when a clmt brings in a payslip.