Reply To: Disagreement of Tribunal Decision


The UT has said time after time that after. 40 years of HB councils really need to understand the appeals process. You can ask for permission to appeal y to the UT and if refused you could apply direct but you will get limited sympathy. I don’t think you could have “another go” as Nick suggests. That would be an abuse of process. I would take any such attempt directly to the Ombudsman myself and suspect they would take a very dim view.

To be fair, a lot of appeal staff in HB are not being replaced and the job is being given to assessors or others who are often inexperienced and untrained. Saves money in one way and loses it back in another.

I agree with Nick here. Unless a lot of money is involved you will have to live with it. Might be a small subsidy loss of course but it was the Councils fault after all.