Reply To: extended family member with PSS of person with settled status/ perm R2R


I have a claim where EEA National couple have pre-settled status. The one member of this couple was employed however is no self employed but we dont have any evidence of his self employment. He is not the claimant for HB, the claimants are a pensioner couple (grandparents) whom have pre-settled status themselves and been granted under paragraph EU3 of Appendix EU to the Immigration Rules as joining a family meember of a relevant sponsor. However the grandparents are making an application for HB at a different address to that of the EEA National Couple (Grand daughter and her husband).

The pensioner couple have not income and are being supported by the granddaughter and her husband and the grandaughter and her husband are currently paying then rent for the grandparents (we have evidence of this).

my question are:

1. Can grandparents with pre-settled status piggy back off family member whom themselves have pre-settled status?

2. As we dont know the self employed situation of the EEA National (grand-daughters partner) do we need that to confirm Right to Reside.

3. If granddaughter and husband are the sponsors, should the grandparents not be supported by the granddaughter and her husband for accommodation, food, clothing etc. As the grandparents do not have any income of their own. if the sponsor has to provide accommodation then the grandparents are not able to rent accommodation and apply for HB?

Thank you

Miss N Patel