Reply To: How do we proceed


Yep, Nick’s right. DWP could have asked you to consider suspending HB, on the grounds there was ‘doubt to entitlement’ , but then you would have needed to ask the claimant to do something to remedy the situation. This is where ‘joint fraud investigations’ were a good thing (do these still happen?? ) because the LA employed investigator would be able to make sure the LA adhered to the regulations. Sounds like you’ve suspended and terminated but not asked the claimant to do anything /send you any information.

Susp letter: I have suspended your HB because DWP asked me to.
Two months pass…..
Termination letter: more than a calendar month has passed since I suspended your HB, because DWP asked me to, and I am now terminating your HB, again because DWP have asked me to.

You’ve not actually asked the claimant to do anything have you, to allay your ‘doubt as to ongoing entitlement’ (and/or past period entitlement, for that matter, as its an alleged ‘Living Together’ case.