Reply To: Supported Accommodation government review – when?


Peter – Thanks for that – The Bill seems like it has some serious provisions to define the quality of provision, both in hardware (the property) and software (CSS). It provides that LA’s have regulatory and licensing powers which would enable them to close off the cowboys. How all this is to be paid for is another matter. How will it affect HB? I think you’ll find that there will be amendments to the current Housing Act defining Exempt supported accommodation as that which has a licence from the LA.

That could be open to legal challenge if a LA denies a licence because they can’t afford to pay HB.
That is why I’m arguing that the licence conditions set by the LA should be explicit.

John – I’m minded of the prayer – “Give me patience Lord and make it quick” – FWIW the biggest danger is that the Bill might not become law if a General Election comes.