Reply To: ‘It’s just not worth it’


you guys are clearly more politically edicated than me, so I shall bow out at this point. it was really this bit that i was on about;

A couple from Cheshire, a primary school teacher and an engineer, said they had both reduced their hours to save about £2,000 monthly in childcare fees, resulting in roughly the same financial circumstances as when they were working full-time.

“I can’t see us ever going back to full-time work as our better work-life balance is priceless, so I do worry about our pension contributions,” one of them said. “I’ve increased mine to counter the reduction in pay and we’re looking into getting a rental property to make up the difference.”

I’m not sure that may people can afford to reduce their hours, whilst at the same time make increased pension contributions AND consider purchasing another property to rent out.

Perhaps I just dont personally know enough professional people to make that judgment.