Reply To: Couples becoming mixed age – when HB needs to be terminated


Hi we have one which may well be straight forward but there’s a lot going on and…are they ever straight forward?

Scenario is older claimant reached pension age 21.01.23. He was receiving Income Support which ended 20.01.23. This included the SDP.

He also receives:
PIP Daily Living – standard
PIP Mobility – Standard
Carer’s Allowance. Which has been suspended from 07.02.23 – reason entitlement investigation.

Younger partner receives
PIP Daily Living – standard
PIP Mobility – Enhanced

As the younger partner was not in receipt of the IS my initial thought is to end the HB. But then i’m wondering are they able to continue receiving working age HB due to the SDP that was awarded in their IS (no non deps in the H/H)?

Any musings / help would be appreciated.