Reply To: ‘It’s just not worth it’


it seems the wedge is deepening the gap between individuals couples/families being able to get on (or back on, after divorce ) the housing ladder and those who already have a house with equity in it being able to but a 2nd/subsequent property they have no intention of living in. – most likely to do the “easy” thing or AirBNB or holiday lets rather than actually rent it out.

I live in a small cumbrain village outside of the lake district park with a pouplation of about 900 and 400 properties – we have about 15 properties/conversions within 2 miles of village square n Airbnb.
A one bed, 2 up 2 down house (created by dividing a larger 3 bed house) sold during the pandemic for £192k in a just few days….. A second property funded by a small inheritance and a 2nd mortgage – now on airBNB for £100 a night

it just removes the availability for both rental and for sale properties – and pushes up prices in the process – if not on the ladder, its almost impossible to save quick enough/earn emnough tpo keep up with the housing market – if you are on the ladder your house gives you equity to but another, which will do the same and all good

just feels/feels inherently wrong – many people now wont have a home to leave to their grown up children. Home ownership is becoming an elitist closed shop.
Dreadful state of affairs