Reply To: Income decision

Kirsty R

Sorry to resurrect this old post again, I’m just looking for clarification as I have recently moved to a new authority who assess earnings by applying earnings to the claim from the date they were paid. I have worked in Housing Benefit since 2008 and never worked this way at my previous authorities (rightly or wrongly as it may seem now that I’m digging into it!)

So, from the bulletin G8/2014 I expected the “new” regulation 29A to read along the lines of earnings are to be applied to the claim from the date of payment, but it doesn’t seem to say that at all! Am I missing something?
Is there anything anywhere that says we should be updating earnings from the date on the payslip, unless there is a notifiable change in circumstances in which case it goes from the Monday following the date of change?

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question! Thank you