Reply To: New electric and gas charges


I can only compare what landlords are charging their tenants to what the charges I am paying for my house and then make allowances to take into consideration differences in household and make up of property, as well as extra usage that tenants with support needs may have. However, I’m finding that hard to reconcile with the new charges I’m getting. For example, a 4-bedroom property for 3 tenants and an overnight carer is charging £114.00 a week per tenant to cover personal and communal gas and electric. In contrast, I’m paying £42.00 a week in total for a 3-bed bungalow with 2 adults and 2 children. I appreciate that may go up by about 20% in April for a few months before the price comes down again but it still seems way off. Is there something that could account for landlords having to/being charged more for gas/electricity for properties they rent out as opposed to what I have to pay as a homeowner?