Reply To: Change to voluntary work

nick dearnley

Thanks Andy & John.

There’s no P45 as he is still (sort of) employed, and I think the plan is to go back to paid work once the employer’s situation improves.

There was much confusion with the date of the change, with several different dates being given, and that’s why I was thinking about how reliable the WURTI info is. I have some bank statements which confirm pay up to Sep 2020, but there are no statements for 2021. For Jan 2022 there is no payment shown, other than a much reduced payment, nor for Feb, Apr, Aug or Sept 2022.

So I could say that from the bank statements there has been no payment of wages since Jan 2022; but that doesn’t line up with the employer saying that they have paid up to Apr 2022, with arrears to Jul 2022 to be paid at some point. On that basis there are still three months of errors in WURTI, which seems a lot.