Reply To: CIC director related to care provider


I wonder if I could add to this thread? I have a situation whereby a CIC is placing claimants into a property, that they have not leased from the actual property owner. The property owner has leased the property to another CIC. This other CIC has, as a director, a person who is also a manager of the CIC that has placed the claimants into the property. So it could be said the person acting as the manager for the CIC placing the claimants into the property, wishing to access HB, is going to gain from the decision as he is a director of the other CIC that has leased the property from the owner.
would this situation fall foul of the case referenced (the Wirral v Salisbury Independent Living case [2014] AACR 12) any advice from anyone who has had a similar situation would be great. thank you