Reply To: is FTT decision correct?


Not quite sure why you think the behaviour of the judge is “patent nonsense”…… he obviously thought there may be things in there that the PO shouldn’t have access to, consent or no consent, just like redacting bundles a judge/judiciary has the last say).

Anyway, just really wanted to respond to your statement about requesting bank statements, the data request covers this and you do not have to pay for them normally? The only time you “may” have to pay for information held is as stated below by the ICO. If you are refused then you just go directly to the ICO, I would like to see a bank refuse a reasonable request.

ICO website:

Can an organisation charge a fee?

In most circumstances, they should give you a copy of your personal information free of charge.

However, an organisation can charge a reasonable fee to cover their administrative costs – if they think your request is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’.

They can also charge a fee if you ask for further copies of your information following a request.

If an organisation can charge a fee, the one-month time limit does not begin until they have received the fee.