Reply To: UCDS earnings -999.99


This is an error on release 94 as below

UCDS Cases with Earnings
Release 94.00.00 included Change Control 37099 – “UCDS rules which include Earned income as an Exclusion not always processing”. As part of the fix for this issue, it has caused a processing error.
Where the gross amount is missing in the UCDS file, it is now being stored as £-999.99 (to distinguish from where it is sent as zero). Unfortunately, it is having a knock on effect where other earnings are present on the record.
It is only an issue where there are 2 or more sets of earnings in the record, and one of them has a missing gross amount, but the other has ‘positive’ earnings. Where your system is configured to hold earnings outside of the UCA income, it results in earnings being removed from the claim from the date of update. Where earned income is recorded within the UCA income, this issue does not occur.
The ‘£-999.99’ figure can be seen on affected records when expanding on the earnings details in the household screen of the UCDS Record.
Change Control 37526 has been raised for this issue.
Our plan is to provide a fix for this as follows:
• As soon as possible (potentially include in Release 94.00.03) a fix for UCDS Automation – this will just be a server image and will only fix the issue where records are processed via UCDS Automation
• A fix for manual processing of the UCDS Record via the ‘Update Payment’ quick link soon after (potentially Release 94.01.00). In the meantime, if users are processing records in this way, please make them aware of this issue and that they may need to manually add EAR details manually afterwards.
• A fix to the display of ‘£-999.99’ when viewing the record to follow – this is not being treated as urgently as the others as it will be a display issue only, but will be fixed by Release 95.00.00 at the latest
We are looking to provide an SQL as soon as possible to identify any cases affected that may have been processed unknowingly since Release 94.00.00 was installed and have had earnings removed.