Reply To: Completing the Move to Universal Credit.


We have a scenario where audit want us to verify whether the migration was natural or managed. We have checked with the DWP and they do not always store this information (and don’t have it for our particular claim). We’ve unsuccessfully tried to contact the person to see if they can confirm but struggling to get hold of them. We can’t see it’s been a natural migration (no relevant change to prompt UC claim), so we assumed it was a voluntary migration as back in 2020 (so that would entitle him to maximum eligible HB for the 2 weeks). Audit want proof, as they quite rightly are querying whether it could have been managed migration, so he would have received his normal reduced HB weekly entitlement (not maximum HB, as his entitlement is based on income/capital/household circumstances). I’m just not sure how we get this information when the DWP have confirmed they don’t have this.