Reply To: UC Housing Costs / Womens Refuge


Lydia….that is a long time ago now! Over 6 years now.

I remember a senior DWP official telling me this at the time. It was only a short term measure (they said) whilst they considered what to do with ALL of exempt. Universal credit of course and if you remember the plan was to move most of this area away from DWP to the then DCLG and make it into a local type scheme (sort of supported people for exempt and sheltered). That was then abandoned at the last moment (after a lot of work).

Rather bizarrely DWP has now said they dont want exempt at all and it wont be moved to UC any time soon (if ever).

So that is the background since this last post (partly for newbies). I will ask Peter B. if he knows where we are on this now. Anyone else remember this and know where we are?