Reply To: Former hostel dweller in shared accommodation


Im not sure – the protection would show a 1 bed LHA , so not sure if the HB would be capped at the one bed ratem, even if in shared accommodation – i ** thought** theyty had to be in self contained accommodatin for the exemption to apply, but not sure now….
Generally in HB , if you are living in shared accommodation, you get the shared accommodation rate regardless of age/ circumstances.

a) A 52 yr old on HB in shared accommodation gets the shared accom rate. (in UC, they’d get 1 bed rate)
b) A 34 yr old in a 1 bed property would get the shared accomm rate UNLESS the exception applies (they get the shared rate in UC too)

C) A 23 yr old a former hostel dweller lives in HIMO with shared facilities – in HB i think they get the shared accommodation rate, in UC theyd get the 1 bed rate.

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