Reply To: No claim from Claimant and No ATLAS from DWP


i think theres osmething about pensionsers and designated offices… if the customer when they claimed for PCGC said yes i pay trent, yes I pay councuil Tax, theen that is a claim fotr HB and CTS as well as pension credit at a designated office

the fact the DWP didnt put a tick in a box and tell you isnt the customers fault, its the same as if a CTS application form is scanned in error to council tax and isnt discoverd for a while – it doesnt mean the claim wasnt made and doesnt change the claim date…
DWP oofices were always a designated office for CTB but they stopped being automatic designated offices when the switch from CTB to CTS happened.
Looks like your customer was CTB days,,, so the designated office thing may well be correct…. so , theres potentailly looks like thers been a valif=d claim made at a desinated office which just wasnt passed to the right team ( The LA assessment teams)

Presumably the ctax is paid up to date and any back pay would put the claim in credit and be refunded to the customer? Would that refunde affect PCGC entitlement as likely to be over £10k id its 18 years worth of CTax…..