Reply To: Self-employed


You can refuse to pay HB if you do not believe the person is really self employed for the reasons you give and has not told you the full facts. The reg you quote is just one you can use.

I have taken a couple of such “nil income for years” cases to a Tribunal. It is important that you have plenty of evidence of course…..amenity arrears (there were none), credit records (fine) credit card position and other financial.

If you then end the claim the person can then claim UC housing costs but then runs into the minimum income floor.

Tribunal Judges are not stupid and know a person cannot live on nothing. The old argument used to be living on tax credits but not so easy these days. It is possible to “borrow from friends and family” for a while but not for years.

There are far too many “nil income/earnings” cases on HB and always have been.