Reply To: temporary absence


while he was in hospital, they clearly DID have an intention to return from August up until sigining for new tenancy- you can then pay 4 week overlap if customer had 2 tenancies running at the same time if unavoidable (whicujh seems likely – most landlords need some notice tpo end a tenancy and the customer needed additional help clearing his belongingd from one plce to another-

so the move from Address A to Address B isnt/doesnt require a new claim so no need to move to UC

Customer has been absent from home for less than 52 weeks due to medical reasons, so you can treat him as temp absent from the new home – itys the classic scenario of treating someone as resident before theyve moved in – theyve taken a tenancy while an in patient but all their goods and chattels ahave been moved in – that establisheds a residency and therefor HB can continue at the new address.