Reply To: Intercalating non-dependant student


I thought the whole thing about intercalating students is that they had to have got better/stopped caring so were able to return to studies, but the college/uni cant accommodate until a later date.

It sounds like the non dep had medical health reasons from september 2022 and college agreed to “cancel” his f/t status retrospectively – there no mention of him having recovered from his illness though.

I am not sure eligibility rules for claiming HB ( which is what reg 56 is about) canbe applied to a person who isnt claiming HB.

for non dep purposes, a person is either a ft student or they arent
part time student s still attract a non dep charge.

I think the o/p is correct, although you could chose not to recover it on the grounds that the customer wouldn’t necessarily be aware what difference it would make to her claim and the removal of his ft student status was done retrospectively so she couldn’t advise you of something she didnt know.

Agree its seems harsh she has an overpaymet because he is not longer a ft student. but that is the case –