Reply To: Director – significant expenditure on company bank account


Thank you so very much everyone.

John, I have recently taken over as R&B Manager at my LA and found that the assessment team were trained in house and this part of their training was sorely lacking, so this is the 2nd case that has come to light in the last couple of months. As for the undeclared directorship, the claimant would not think to declare it if the form does not ask “Are you a director of a limited company registered on companies house?”, so the assessment team blithely took their word for “Zero earnings” and did not ask for business bank statements, tax credits etc. This is my next planned area of team training. So unfortunately because the question was never asked and the directorship never disclosed it would be unfair to go back further than the claimant’s last sworn declaration.

Prisca, thank you. I have business bank accounts back to August (all bar one month). I had initially thought of applying the minimum income floor, but then thought “No, I have all these expenses – use them as deemed/notional income and let them prove from the listed expenditure that these are business expenses” because they must have receipts for accounting purposes.

Peter – thank you for the info. I will get the PO raised and my Head of Service may well join me on the course as she would find it useful too.

In the 6 months of statements that I have, both business and personal, there is no evidence of any repayments to the business of DLoans so I doubt that the DLAs exist.

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