Reply To: Joint tenant vacated late notification


Agree that its highly unlikely that the date she first went into the care home will be the date it was made permanarnt – both my granny and my great aunt May were incare homes , both too ill to returnhome and live alone, but it was temporary for about 3 months from Granny and 5 for great aunt May
Plus, once you have a perm date, then would you be able to you can pay 4 weeks beyond that to allow for hernotice period?
Think tou need to scontact social services/the care home and ask the date she went in and the date it was decided the move was permant.

Agree with recovery – Landlords didnt know they were being overpaid, not did they misrepresent anything –
but if son isnt on HB, youd think hes understand that if Mum is in a care home, he mneed to pay full rent – so maybe theres a credit onthe rent account?? in which case it ** might ** be reasonable to think the landlords migh know they were being overpaid.