Reply To: Rent regulator policy statement on rents for social housing


Thank you Peter, that helps a great deal. I have a consultant acting on behalf of one of our registered providers and they are refusing to provide a rental breakdown of the charges from April 2023. They will, and have, provided the annual report to customers document but they will not tell me how the core rent, eligible service charges, and ineligible service charges are made up.

The stated during a telephone conversation that the rent comes under the remit of the regulatory body and they instruct the registered provider on how to calculate the formulae rent etc. I was categorically told it wasn’t for the LA to question and to accept the figures. I wasn’t impressed but polite and quoted my consequential regulations relating to rent and schedules relating to service charges. I didn’t get very far so I am left with the decision on what to do next, as my regulations were dismissed out of hand.

My apologies for the ramble.

Kind regards