Reply To: Couples becoming mixed age – when HB needs to be terminated

nick dearnley

Resurrecting this thread, as it contains a lot that has helped point me in the right direction with a case we have.

Mixed age couple, our clmt is under pension age and the ptnr is over pension age from 8.2.23. Our clmt had ESA(IR) to 14.3.23, but this has now been replaced by ESA(C). Searchlight shows this to be because of the inclusion of the ptnr’s state pension, so that the IR total ESA award is now £106.35/wk and the conts-based is £117.60. She gets the higher amount paid.

My question is: does she still have entitlement to a passporting benefit, as the only thing stopping her being paid the IR amount is the pension? Or is it simply a case of the passporting benefit ended on 14.3.23 and HB must also end in line with that?