Reply To: Excessive service charge in Specified Accommodation


The increase in the energy costs…business costs are not capped by the regulator so the amounts paid can be massively higher.

I guess what the landlord has done is to pay for tenant costs and then try to recover the cost via the ineligible reduction? At least partly.

Is this reasonable? I must admit I think it might be. These are extreme circumstances and I have seen some of the extreme increases in energy prices esp with properties with no caps (business). I would agree with views expressed but these are not normal times.

Prices have come down dramatically since the highs but are not being passed on to consumer yet so it might be that you allow these changes for a couple of years and warn that you will expect a review then.

Ohers may disagree and their comments are welcome of course. The trouble is so many providers are going bust at the moment and energy costs form part of that….I have highlighted some of these in exempt MB….