Reply To: Backdate -gaps in entitlement


How long is your backdating period? HB only allows 1 month- Pensioners get an automatic 3 month backdate
what income period dont you know about?
CTS is dependent on your local scheme,

Im not sure what you are asking – lets say you got a claim today and the customer wanted claim backdating as their partner left on 30 January. you know their current income is UC which started 5 March 20923 and they qualify on that income ( check your scheme becsause many say that any UC correspondence from DWP is /canbe treated as a claim for CTS)

If your scheme allows backdating, then you look at good cause first -if they have demonstrated good cause, then ask them for details of the income for that period ( assuming its not avaiable on CIS/VEP etc)
If its not provided then that period cant be awarded because the info hasnt been provided